A Travel Guide to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a place with rich diversity, which makes it a great place for tourism. If you are considering travelling to Zimbabwe, then a trip to the country can open your eyes to its enticing landscape, balancing large boulders, and blazing msasa trees, to various small villages, green mountains, and Beautiful Rivers. It is home to numerous Historical sites, animals in the national parks, such as leopard, rhino, lion, and elephant.

Even with the ongoing political turmoil for the past years, the country never closed its gates to tourism. Instead, the feeling of receiving tourists from around the world has been more welcoming than ever. As the people residing there are known for their politeness, and friendliness. Zimbabwe has many attractions to offer, from seeing the world’s most mesmerizing waterfall at Victoria Falls, watching the hippos at the Mana Pools National Parks, or even the layout of the rocks at the Matobo Hills. So how to go about travelling in Zimbabwe?

Travel Guide to Zimbabwe

  • Trekking

The country has one of the best tracks of trekking trails for those who love hiking! But when going for trekking, it is integral to take a tour guide with you who helps you along the way to reach, for instance, Zimbabwe’s highest mountain, Nyangani Mountain.

  • Mana Pools National Park

Found on the banks of the Lower Zambezi are lions, elephants drinking water. Mana Pools is the lesser renowned park in Zimbabwe. But it is a beautiful site to explore as it contains four different pools, which are the remainders of the lakes of the oxbow. Along with that, it is also named one of the popular heritage sites by UNESCO. You can even paddle along the lakes to witness the hippos submerged beneath.

  • Family Trip

If you are travelling with your family to Zimbabwe, then it is bound to be an everlasting experience. You can do multiple things in the country, and never feel bored. Whether, it’s discovering rhino tracks, going rafting on the Zambezi, or be drenched in the waterfall at Vitoria Falls, or explore the rocky Grand Canyon at the Gonarezhou National Park, the possibilities are endless.

  • Wildlife

The country allows you to experience Zimbabwe to its core, as it is the point of tropical Central Africa and Southern Africa. Along with the Mana National Park, you can also enjoy looking at the wildlife in the Hwange National Park which is home to Elephant herds. Even if you are at the Zambezi River, you can still experience the wildlife beauty of the hippos submerged in concentrations under the water.

What to Avoid?

When you have decided to travel to Zimbabwe, whether alone or you’re your family, it is crucial to note some tips beforehand. In order to not cause the wildlife any discomfort, don’t drive near them or the game park. It is important to plan the trip for a week or two, because exploring several sites tend to take more than a day, and it can get tiring.

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